All matches are played in line with USA Pickleball guidelines except for the "world series" scoring format used by Pickleball Flex League (PFL). Furthermore, we don't separate leagues by gender. All leagues are separated by singles, doubles, and player level.


  • All matches are played the best 3 out of 5 games to 15.
  • Switch sides of the court after each game. During a deciding 5th game—Players will switch end of the court once a team gets to eight points.
  • Remember, it is important to report the scores to PFL right after the match is completed when BOTH players are together to verify the score.


  • PFL week's start on Thursdays. Each player/team will have until the next Wednesday to complete that week's match.
  • PFL's deadline date to play a match is the Wednesday at 6:30 P.M. right before the next week's matches are scheduled. This date/time is used as a last resort only. If a player/team can't make this scheduled deadline date then they forfeit that week.
  • Each player/team must provide three available days/times they can play for that week's match. This must be done before the deadline date.
  • If a deadline date is rained out-Players have one week to try and establish three more dates/times to play the following week.
  • If a deadline date is missed on the last week of regular season, players run the risk of scoring 0 points for that week's match.
  • If an opponent is unresponsive, please contact the league. If a player doesn't respond by the Friday after the Wednesday deadline date than that player will be defaulted.
  • A player may reschedule a match ONE TIME if they have given their opponent 24-hour notification in advance. If a player requests a second reschedule the other player may request a forfeit.
  • If a deadline date match is rained out- And one player did not offer three dates to complete the match- Than that player is eligible for a forfeit.
  • There is one buffer weak between the end of the regular season and playoffs. This is to make sure everyone can get their last week's match played in case of rain.
  • Please be advised: If a player can't play the match during the scheduled week—It is up to the opponent to make the match up later in the season or to accept a 5- 0 forfeit.
  • If a match is scheduled and an opponent is more than 30 minutes late-They can be defaulted if the opposing teams chooses.


  • Home player/team must supply the balls. Outdoor balls must be supplied if the match is player outdoors and indoor balls must be supplied if the match is played indoors. Approved pickleballs are the Durafast 40, Onix fuse G2, Onix pure 2, Jugs pickleball (indoor), Big Hole Dura (indoor), and the Onix fuse (indoor).
  • Sufficient lighting must be supplied by the home team if the match is played at night. If darkness impedes the match then the match must be rescheduled at the visitor's courts if requested.
  • No coaching during the match.
  • If a player has a history of misconduct or rudeness than PFL reserves the right to ban a player.
  • If restrooms aren't available - than the match must be offered to be played at the opponent's home court..


  • Substitutions during a match are not allowed.
  • Substitution partners are allowed if your partner has become permanently unavailable for the remainder of the season. The replacement partner must be registered before that player is allowed to compete.
  • Please notify the league if you are withdrawing from a singles league. We will attempt to fill that player's spot.
  • There are no refunds once the season schedule has been issued.


  • Players/teams are placed into playoffs if they win their division. Division's are won based on a running total of most games won.
  • EXAMPLE: Jane Doe plays Suzie Q. Jane Doe wins the match 4 games to 3. Jane Doe now has 4 points on the season and Suzie Q has 3 points.
  • A running tally is calculated throughout the season to determine first place. If there is a point tie at the end of the season the tiebreaker goes to whoever won the head-to-head match during the season. In the event there is a point tie, the two teams/players played each other twice in a season and split the head-to-head matches- Then both teams/players will be entered into playoffs.
  • Playoffs are conducted in a bracket style form. Each division winner will be placed into the bracket randomly.